Our team has been built to strengthen vulnerable and defenseless groups and, to work to improve their adaptation and integration.

We have started with a vision of a society which respects human honor, equalist and integrated. We have a team with various specialties starting with psychologists, sociologists, attorneys, information technology specialists.

As transparency and accountability are our basic principals, we run our work with the purpose to be honest and visible.


Strengthening Local Actions Against Human Trafficking

The “Strengthening Local Actions Against Human Smuggling” project, which was carried out between September 1, 2021 – May 1, 2022, aims to create a multi-faceted approach in the fight against human trafficking by bringing together the Akçakale Municipality, the District Governor’s Office, its affiliated institutions and civil society.

Dark Side of Immigration

A detailed study on irregular migration journey has been carried out by our association within the scope of the human rights monitoring

Refugees in Pandemic

Effects of COVID-19 on Refugees


Migrant Smuggling Activities in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia: Examining the Security Aspect, Sociological and Psychological Dimension of Smuggling According to its Projections in Humanitarian Area